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Runway Liberia Presents "WEARABLE LIBERIAN ART" To Support Liberia Fashion Industry

In support of Liberian Fashion, Arts & Culture, JMK Production LLC. has commissioned Liberian top artist Eric W. Dennis Jr to create hand painted artwork that depicts Liberian Music, Fashion and Arts for the first ever "Liberia Fashion Fund".

Liberia Fashion Fund is a new initiative by Runway Liberia International & JMK Publcist that looks to support and cultivate the next generation of Liberian Fashion Practitioners. The Fund will host the Liberia's Next Top Designer Contest every year that will mentor Liberian emerging designers and give them a pathway to a successful fashion career. We will also create a map to help Liberian Models travel outside of Liberia to participate in major fashion events all over the world.

Liberian Next Top Designer - Joy Richards Debut at Runway Ghana International

We have teamed up with Liberian Owned specialty T-Shirt Brand Company Be Creative Print to manufacture the costume designed "Wearable Liberian Arts" Shirt.

View Shirts Designs:

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