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Along with the comprehensive benefits available for supporters, it is of utmost importance that the show gives value to all participants such as the designers, music artists and guests; sponsorship support for RUNWAY LIBERIA ensures that we have access to the resources that make it possible to run the event successfully.


The exact benefits are dependent on the type of partnership/ sponsorship sought. Opportunities exist for a range of business types including Telecommunications, Banking, Oil & Gas, Media houses, Hotel & Hospitality businesses, Beverage businesses and much more.


It is our commitment to deliver value with our well thought out packages, varied enough to meet the needs of any interested potential supporters. We are fully committed to making sure your company gets the maximum for any support provided.



  • Offers packages that create a year-round advantage, offering value far beyond the actual event itself.

  • Access to target audience/market.

  • Raising brand awareness and Image enhancement.

  • Generating revenue through product sales.

  • Generating leads and new potential clients

  • Increasing traffic to your website via links on our site.

  • Opportunity to be associated with other elite group of supporters.

  • Increasing brand value via brand association.

  • Direct Product promotion.

  • Pure entertainment from start to finish.

  • Developing community links.

  • Option to distribute gift and novelty items.

  • Most Importantly, giving back to the society

  • .

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