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The Business of Fashion Seminar

The Business of Fashion Seminar is aimed at emerging fashion entrepreneurs: students, graduates and those already in the industry who have a keen interest in fashion and want to set up their own fashion business. It focuses on business opportunities and examines how to identify, manage and develop new products, Liberian textile, new ideas and new services. There is an increasing recognition by the fashion industry that entrepreneurial and small business management skills are an essential component of the fashion entrepreneur’s portfolio of management skills together with leadership, team building, communication and networking. This seminar is set out to achieve three main objectives:


  • Support the growth of the Liberian/African Fashion Industry Nurture and

  • Guide emerging fashion entrepreneurs to start up, survive and grow their business

  • Demonstrate and explore the use of the original Liberian fabrics.

  • Teach and Educate about the (4)four .different fabrics that are manufactered in LIberia: Natural Dyed Cotto, Synthetic Dyed Cotton, Country Cloth - Hand woven strips, Raffia Mate and Indigo Dyed Cotton.





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